Upcoming lectures and presentations

12 February 2018 14:00
Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel
Kleine Zavel
Room: 070

Espressivo: Expressing or Explaining?

Every musician encounters the word “espressivo” almost every day, however, there isn’t a universal rule or example how to play a passage marked with this musical instruction. During this presentation, we’ll experiment using the term “espressivo” in multiple settings and styles. Should we perform espressivo in the works of Chopin and Bartók in the same manner? Can someone play a passage with too much espressivo? And what about contemporary music where we can not rely on the performance tradition and are trying to find a suitable way to perform using this instruction. We will also discuss the importance of “expression” in music, both from the composer and performer’s viewpoint. What and how do we express in music and how is everything connected? Is it important for a performer or composer to examine this? Can we use our findings in practice? Using musical examples of pianists such as Sokolov and Gould, and the music of Rameau, Schubert and Granados I’ll show you how I implemented my findings into my own compositions and performance practice.