Philippe Lamouris studied composition and piano at the Bartók Béla Conservatory of Budapest. In 2014 he obtained his degree “Master in Music – Composition” with great distinction at Royal Conservatory of Brussels (Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel) with professor Jan van Landeghem, and in 2015 the degree “Master in Music – Piano” with great distinction with professor Jan Michiels. At this moment he is working on his PhD at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) about “Emotions in music”.
Philippe Lamouris is guest professor and researcher at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (KCB) and teaches at the music academies in Schaarbeek and Zaventem. His compositions have been performed in various concert halls (Bozar, KCB, Müpa-Budapest). Regularly performers as a soloist, playing his own compositions. Next to piano music he is composing for music theather: Paradise Regained, Pyramus and Thisbe, chamber music: Tristram and Isolt, Notturnetto, Playing “Time” and for choir: O,Crux Splendidior. Is active as a performer and composer in Ensemble Lamouris, a chamber music group founded in 2017 together with his brother Maximilien.